More Snow in Forcast???

Last week we had the pleasure of some winter weather. You haven’t been hearing from me because I have tried to stay hunkered down in the house next to the fireplace rather than out in the elements cycling around. I don’t mind the cold but having your front wheel slide around on you because the frosty chill has made your eyes water so much that a clear view of anything is impossible let alone dark icy patches of roadway is not really the kind of white knuckle adventure I strive for. In all seriousness I like the cold and I like the winter aside from the short days. I’d rather work nights this time of year so at least I could get out while there was some sunlight.

Cycling infrastructure, while the newest fad, has yet to attain the seriousness afforded the auto-commuter in the eyes of policy makers and public works officials. Again the ice and snow thing, as even following several days allowing for melting there is sufficient snow and ice on the roads and even sidewalks in public areas of my neighborhood that are completely neglected to make the hardiest Alaskan watch her step (or at least watch where she points her moose rifle). I don’t expect this to change soon so we are left to scour the Internet for accessories and items that will aide us in our commutes. As I have all of the bicycles I could ever want now I am working to upgrade every component to the exact specifications I desire. The dyno headlamp is on my list as priority 1 ( even though priority 1 should be a shorter stem for my road/ randonneur bicycle) in expensive bicycle accessories this season and the possibility of extremely bright batteryless lighting has me not even worried about slipping into the James from the Belle Isle footbridge on my ride home. At least I’ll be able to see when I am approaching the rapids.


One thought on “More Snow in Forcast???

  1. Dynamo light! I would love one but can’t justify it as I don’t really commute anywhere for a job. I hope you get one for Christmas.

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