Getting down jive turkey

And here it is another workweek (this is a commuting blog after all) and we have been quickly thrown into the depths of winter weather, well I have at least, you may still be in bed.

With the arrival of my second child (retirement plan 2.0) my wife and I decided I would head into work earlier and leave earlier to pick them up with less time being spent with strangers during the day. You don’t need to know that but what is true is I head to work earlier this winter than last and the thought of even a warm up in the AM is one I realize isn’t going to happen. Frost covered everything today but it made for a beautiful commute with little human interference aside from a couple walking their dogs and a guy I have seen “trekking” Belle Isle lately.

The other thing I wanted to mention today was that after a weekend full of eating, football, and eating it sure is nice to be amongst a group who can claim having begun to work off some of those turkey legs off my turkey legs prior to the arrival of spring. While it is common for people to want to get a couple pounds off after a holiday the best way I can think of is to maintain a consistent schedule of exercise. Commuting by bicycle can do just that. Happy frosty Monday!


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