3 thoughts on “Lotus

  1. GRAH! Are you posting pictures of really poorly locked bikes on purpose?! Who locks a bike through the seatstay?! 🙂
    I love spotting Lotus bikes only because the head tubes on all of them are improbably long.

    1. Amy I always lock through a seatstay for the most part so I can get the rear wheel in on the action….maybe I am missing something though….what do you recommend?

  2. I always lock through the front wheel and downtube. Sometimes will cable through to the rear wheel as well.

    A lot fewer people know how to remove a rear wheel because it looks like you’d have to remove the chain). The more leverage you have to move the lock around the easier it can be for someone to force the lock. If I’m locking up along the street I try to put the lock side toward the street esp if there’s a parked car because you’d have to get between the car and bike. That Lotus could have easily locked through the rear wheel and didn’t. Why? At least front and rear appear to have nuts instead of quick release.

    And with a singlespeed that doesn’t have a QR there’s that much more security…I’ve definitely come outside and found that someone was trying to and couldn’t figure out how to remove my rear wheel. But I also don’t lock up anything I can’t afford to lose. I see a Scott locked up near my office and I’m like….dang.

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