tour de Petersburg

I didn’t get to finish posting yesterday as my food arrived quite quickly while eating lunch at a soon to be reviewed diner on Grace street I enjoyed yesterday. Now that it’s passed and you have had a moment to digest all of the photos of the lovely town of Petersburg and I have had a moment to digest my lunch, I submit to everyone a proposal to travel southward to Richmonds smaller yet equally wonderful cousin, Petersburg VA. In fact, I have heard that during the civil war Petersburg was considered more significant as a strategic foothold for the rebels than Richmond as a result of quite a number more railroad lines running through it than Richmond had. Well you didn’t come here to read a history lesson so I won’t bore you with all that but what I will do is state why I believe this area is far superior to Richmond in several regards when it comes to cycling. First, less people. Sometimes this is a bad thing but P-town is right on the cusp of being discovered or rediscovered or whatever so the treasures that are there are not yet overrun by others and tranquility is still available if you so desire it. Similarly, in the couple of years I have been in the area I have seen the trails around the Appomatox river improved upon and bridges built so that one can safely travel from downtown P-Town to the upper reaches of the river by walking or cycling without issue. This is due to bridges that have been built to cross the canals that line the river. Secondly, I am of the opinion that on the whole the Appomatox is a prettier river than the James is at the falls anyway. The James is nice and wide and the park is wonderful but the Appomatox has a more industrial and rough hewn feel than the James in my opinion. West of the falls on the Appomatox feels more like the Western part of the state whereas west of the falls on the James feels like the Piedmont. Nothing wrong with that, just a personal preference. There are rocky sections, it is generally narrower, and overall less developed. There is no Riverside drive lined with Mansions in Dinwiddie, just pure river glory. The cycling trail is less developed as well which worked out well as a way for me to use my single speed MTB but could be a difficulty for the more casual rider. With continued use this section will become more akin to sections that exsist along the James I am sure. Petersburg would make a great starting location for a trail to Farmville or something similar but obviously would require rights of way and the like. Also the city is an amazing place with wonderful history and architecture. It won’t be long before more people begin discovering this jewel and with bus service currently running from Petersburg to downtown for around $2.50 a day it’s simply a matter of time.


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