Recycle, reduce, reuse

Sounds backwards right? Today is recycling pickup day in my area of town and while riding to work this AM I was thinking about the reduce, reuse, recycle mantra that became popularized in the last 20 or so years. For things like reusable water bottles and grocery bags there have been techniques employed that tackle their respective areas nicely as long as people employ the techniques (I constantly forget my reusable grocery bags). With fossil fuel usage we really haven’t found too many ways to adaptively reuse or recycle the energy we consume for our autos so we are dependent on reducing our consumption as the only means to accomplish this goal. While some may argue it is “un-American” and even unfair or unjust as some of the bumper stickers I have seen recently have implied to change behaviors in this manner, I would argue the rampant abuse of non-renewable resources is more akin to dictatorial regimes where we aren’t able to excersize freedoms without being subjugated to control and in this instance the complete control by and of the corporate interests who manage these resources for our consumption. I vote to maintain personal control over how I consume what I need in my daily life and how I adquire it, preferably by bicycle.


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