Outside of town.

Right across the border from the city there is another story to tell. Cycling can be a challenge on roads where you are outnumbered you vs…well everyone but the strong will survive! Thats why we thank our guest poster Jen from Chesterfield for this weekends bonus post! Enjoy–RVABIKECOMMUTER

Hello, my name is Jen and I want to give you a taste of what it’s like to run errands by bike in Bon Air, a suburb of Richmond which is right on the border of Chesterfield County. I easily ride to the grocery store, the library, the bank, the dentist, my kids’ school, etc. The key is to stay off the 45mph roads and take the scenic route.

Here’s a recap of my recent trip to Kroger, which takes me about 5 minutes. I leave the leafy streets of my neighborhood to cross Huguenot Road, the bane of my bike existence because cars speed along at a minimum of 45mph. I always think of the old video game “Frogger” when I cross.

After that I come to a side street which seems out of place. It has the feel of a country road.

Then I cut through a church parking lot to a dirt path.

This leads me to an asphalt path around a man-made lake.

I’m right next to the grocery store now.
The small bike rack is hidden behind the mounds of pumpkins, plant stands, and the propane tanks…but at least they have a rack.
Here’s my bike all loaded up with ingredients to make dinner.

(Ed Note-Stylin’ Bike!)

This is a trip I make a few times a week. Did I mention it only takes 5 minutes? It’s easier and more enjoyable to ride my bike than to take my car, even in the ‘burbs. I’m hoping more people will replace short car trips with bike rides.

4 thoughts on “Outside of town.

  1. Jen! I LOVE your bicycle! What make is it? I love how it’s a loop/mixte. I grew up over in the Bon Air/ Settlers Landing area, but have been living in TN for the last 4 years.

  2. Wow. My brother lives in Woodmont, right off Hugenot, and I really don’t like that road, even driving on it. It’s so busy!
    I’m glad there are cycling possibilities around there. I’ll let him know.

  3. Thanks, Amy! My bike is a Globe Live 2 Mixte, made by Specialized. I really wanted a stylish bike I could carry stuff on and ride wearing “regular” clothes, as opposed to wearing lycra when I ride my road bike for exercise.

    Brando Commando, I live in Woodmont, too. Your brother can also ride to the library without going on Huguenot, as well as some shops. Maybe I can write about those in another post (if Will lets me.) 🙂

  4. That looks like a great bike for going to the store! A friend of mine has a different Globe and I was impressed with it, he rides the crap out of it and that’s good enough for me!

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