Recooperation 20 mile-er.

Here is the crew doing 20 miles this AM trying to get a distressed shoulder back into full swing. We went from the nickle bridge to the Sheetz on Huegunot via bike route 1 and Old Gun road and looped around through Bon Air and back twords the city on Jhanke. Some cyclists were out but nothing like yesterday. Still, the first half of this ride is heavy on stellar views and parallels the river. Most of all it was nice to ride with a relaxed group at a gentlemans pace. Good show!


2 thoughts on “Recooperation 20 mile-er.

  1. Good show indeed! Had fun riding today with the old skool bike club and looking forward to the poki-jontas supermini tour. Glad J-dog’s shoulder is recovering so we can tackle some more epic cruises.

  2. I look forward to extending our Tour de Sheetz to Ashland, Poki-jontas, and beyond! The shoulder feels like a million bucks today, btw. It’s on.

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