Street scene!

Last week this large sized Lotus (as a Lotus owner I am loving spottings of wild Lotii) was seen locked up near Hanover and Lombardy streets in the fan. Well maintained looking bike that interestingly enough looked to have at least a 35c tire on a road frame. Lotii indeed.


2 thoughts on “Street scene!

  1. I put some 35c tires on the SE this weekend. They’re much better suited to riding around the city than the 28c that were on it.

    1. Yeah I like the 28c as a minimum for road riding and stuff and they will work for some gravel but really gotta have bigger than that for the city. There is simply too much varied terrain around to go on busting up rims on uneven brick sidewalks. Until the city paves the streets in concrete that never cracks I think you made a wise decision….and air is almost lighter than air so a bigger tire really isn’t a weight penalty (maybe a little one but only a little for way more comfort simply due to the extra rubber in the bigger tire).

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