How to carry stuff, homeade panniers

If you want to use a bicycle for more than recreation or racing the reality is you need a way to carry stuff. A buddy of mine has been fooling with taking canvas or cotton bags, adding a coroplast or similar box liner, and finishing them off with a couple hooks and a bungee to attach to his rack. I must say the results have been impressive and he reports using two at a time to ferry 12 packs, gallons of milk, and other groceries from Ettrick to his house in Downtown Petersburg. Simalarly, at lunch we have been able to easily move our goods around and ride down to Belle Isle most days. Sometimes I want to feel guilty for eating homeade food in a awesome setting but then I just get over it and wish someone was operating a bicycle ice cream cart to solidify the awesomeness by supplying me with sweet treats.


2 thoughts on “How to carry stuff, homeade panniers

    1. I think I actually had been daydreaming of ice cream subliminally as a result of having had seen this actual gelato project somewhere…I think you should make one and bring it to me….as Homer Simpson once said “bring me my ranch dressing hose”. I’ll be at Belle Isle on weekdays for lunch….12:45 would be ok. LOL.

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