Street scene…aerobus

Dude so my parents totally dropped me off at college last weekend and I wanted to explore the city so badly so I brought my totally bulletproof tarck biek. Since I didn’t know my way around I hopped on the bus and rode it around for awhile…man these hills can be rough with one gear and no brakes but when you’ve been training to look like a biek massager since high school problems like these are easily forgotten with bus fare…like…Richmond dude.


3 thoughts on “Street scene…aerobus

    1. Agreed. My opinion is riding brakeless is a skill that takes quite a bit of time to become proficient at. Unless you race track bikes, you probably shouldn’t be riding one on the street as a commuter but fads being what they are many people choose this style of bicycle over others and choose not to equip their ride with brakes.

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