Frazzled nerves

Remember a couple weeks ago when Labron James went to Miami and everyone chided the owner of the Cleveland Cavs for using Comic sans font (I think…I’m no computer guru) in a open letter proclaiming how upset the Cavs were about the move? Looks like that frustration has boiled over into trail management here in Richmond. This sign was spotted on the Buttermilk trail yesterday as an apprent reaction to a boulder in the trail being moved. Ok, message received but let’s not use such a bubbly font when making a sign proclaiming the legalities of trail construction, destruction, or otherwise as no one can take this font seriously. I reccomend something gothic and change the language to say “Let it be procliamed that henceforth under guidance from our lordship…etc etc etc” and perhaps pointy stakes with skewered heads. No one dismisses skewered heads on stakes or official city letterhead, but I’ll let the folks in charge make a decision on that one.


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