Richmond Bicycle (and pedestrian) Master Plan

…Doesn’t exsist…..yet, but some of our neighboring localities have managed to do us one better.

Follow this link to read the thing.


3 thoughts on “Richmond Bicycle (and pedestrian) Master Plan

  1. That puts a smile on my face. Charlottesville was high up on my list of places to move, once I got my wife pregnant, to raise our family. We bought a house in Ashland instead. But I’m sure that Richmond proper can get the populous behind something like this. The suburbs, however, might be more of a challenge.
    Personally, I’m stoked as hell for the Ashland Trolley Line. But I think that project is at a standstill. The buzz has died down on that one.

    1. As a follow up to the post from yesterday I will be posting on the Mayors Commission which addresses this very issue. I tried to go to the last meeting but I couldn’t get off work. A friend of mine is studying to be a planner and had alerted me to it and hopefully I can get some info on the meeting when I attend to give everyone some insight on what Richmond is doing to address this issue…..I didn’t see anything in the C-Ville plan on how to address the big hills out there though….maybe more coffee shops?

  2. Check out the website for Partnership for Smarter Growth, I’ve been to two of their workshops for bike and pedestrian initiatives and hooked up with some people involved in those issues in my county. PSG, along with RABA, are trying to organize cyclists and the cyclists have been pretty effective in the past (like in Ashland). Ashland just passed a Bike Resolution and Chesterfield is working on one now. The city passed one, too. I have a copy I can email you if you want.

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