Doing Da Da day in style

When I was approached with options for fathers day by my childrens mother (aka-the wife, aka- bosslady) lots of thoughts came to mind but cycling to my favorite river spot and doing some fishing (which was quite successfull btw) and beer drinking seemed to climb to the top of the list. I still managed to get ample fathers day time in with the family later in the day and right now we are all together pretty much 24-7 with a newborn and all anyway so a couple hour break to cool off in the cool waters of the James was quite refreshing indeed. Having 35c width tires has made my utility bike very utilitarian indeed as it goes practically anywhere without me having to be too concerned about it’s abilities to handle the situation. Add to that a pannier to carry lures, suntan lotion, refreshments, and the like and a nifty setup to attach my fishing pole and cars become a needless hassle rather than a required commodity. In fact, my battery has been dead for several weeks now due to my trunk not being shut all the way and the interior light sucking it dry. This was in fact caused by the straps from my trunk bike rack being tucked into the trunk so they don’t flop around in the wind….maybe it was a sign. Either way, it’s way easier to live without it than to have to worry about how to charge the thing up again.


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