Move or eat my schwinn!

I love old bikes! I really like nice old bikes with modern components but even an old Schwinn with crummy looking sidepull caliper brakes and chrome 27″ wheels will get me amped up occasionally. This dude had that look of reserved displeasure. Clearly he knew he was a salmon on the sidewalk headed the opposite direction of traffic, but our strewn out and animated conversation about Spains world cup chances now that they have lost a game took over most of the street anyway.

I think it only yesterday (or a different day prior to present day but I am unsure of which) that I was discussing tinkering in a blog post. Well I have tinkered and tinkered with my most recent project which was sold to me as a “touring” frameset which would be great for “building up a commuter” and I just can’t get it to work the way I would like. It won’t fit fenders (wheelbrows) with tires that actually have air in them and this is a big problem for a bike that I bought under the assumption of it being a “great commuter frame!”. I don’t want to use it for this purpose, oh no I have another bike for that, but light touring/ randonneur duty would be great! Right now the frame is amazing for general road rides and it does fit my preffered 28c tire but with an eye twords more brevets I need to make sure I have the functionality in a frame that I need including mounts for fenders and a rack possibly. Finally the tubing on the Silk is ultra lightweight unlike any steel tubing I have ridden and while it is compliant providing a comfortable ride and very lightweight, the flexiness is disheartening for someone who has not experienced it before…actually I am just being picky now but I have been thinking about it recently for sure having seen the seat and chainstays flexing while I was trying to clip into the pedals….an interesting feeling for sure.

All of what you have just read was written yesterday and I guess I forgot to finish the post and send it in. I did manage to ride the Silk this morning and as the name implies, the ride is smooth like Silk. I started the post yesterday because I did manage to find another frame that is going to work well for my touring randonneuring purposes. The Silk will have to be relegated to only nice weather road rides which isn’t a problem for me but to have another bike for just this purpose probably won’t make the wife estatic but that beig said she is very understanding. I’ll just go ahead and have a dedicated road frame for the one type of riding I don’t do very frequently but if there was one to have in my opinion this would be it. For my Randonneuring aspirations I have come across a Nashbar (that’s right the mail order/ Internet giant) Toure XC which is a touring frame but lacks the braze ons I would want for a loaded tourer. Price paid was $40 which is very fair I thought and it features Tange #2 tubing as well as sufficient braze ons for fenders (and clearance as well for larger tires) and canti brake posts. Well gotta go….c u on the trail!


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