Bike barn.

That’s what I call the area of my house that is off limits to babies due to tools, bikes, and parts spread out everywhere. A friend of mine has been riding a 17″ frame even though he is 6′ plus so I decided for his birthday I’d find a suitable frame to swap all his parts onto. I found this Fisher that was 4130 steel with a ridgid fork. I swapped the wheelset he had, street tires, new purple grips, threw the linear pull brakes on there, and ran all new cables and this thing is a beast! I got the Fisher for $60 and was able to easily take all the good parts of both the bikes and make one nice city attack machine.

When I can’t ride I like to fiddle with my rigs in the bike barn. For me that’s half the fun is getting your setup exactly how you like it. When I was explaining to my friend how his bike was too small for him he was confused simply because he didn’t know how his setup could be better. For me I constantly adjust, lube, and dissassemble in the search for the perfect setup and strive to find what that is for frames with unique angles and sizings. Unless you do this often, there is no way to really know if an adjustment one way or the other will improve your level of comfort with the bike. Also if your riding style changes this too can impact how you tailor your frame and components to accomodate your riding style. My 26″ wheel bike frame had a rather long stem which was fine when I was commuting as I had bars that swept back twords my seat for a more upright position. When I changed the setup back to ride singletrack trails the bars were so far forward that I could hardly attack the trails and apply the brakes without my fingers slipping off the levers….trial and error is sometimes the only way to figure these things out but it will give you the opportunity to get comfortable with making these adjustments yourself or on your birthday your friends will just do it for you. Either way fine tuning will help make your next outing more pleasurable.


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