Street scene..Glenn!

Glenn and I have now met twice. He’s frequently headed the same way at the same time as I am in the afternoons. In addition to that he’s a creative mofo fo shizzle. Check out that frame bag, yeah he made it, schweet!! Not only that but dude has a rolhoff hub on his surly. For those who don’t know it’s esentially a car transmission in a bicycle hub sealed up and ready for the elements…..certainly commuter worthy. Add to that a sweet Surly bicycle with some nice componentry and he frequently has me breathless trying to keep up with him on the hills and keep up a convo.

That leads me to one other thing for today’s post. I’ve smoked the last cigarette of my life (which is why I am frequently breathless). I’m basically hallucinating today so if you see me and I seem off just attribute it to that. I’m basically motivated to become a super-
randonneur (that’s completing a 200k, 300k, 400k and 600k randonee in one year) and have calculated that at $4 a pack a day it will only take 2 years and 8 months to have the kind of money I need for a dream randonneur cycle although I plan to complete the super-randonneur events in the next year or twos time. Today that bike happens to be a Moots Mootour but that may change between now and then….ride strong!


3 thoughts on “Street scene..Glenn!

    1. Yeah Glenns a cool dude and…..oh yeah the smoking thing! Yeah I keep seeing green trolls running around my cube chanting something like “winstons taste good like a cigarette should” but I’m ignoring them.

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