Bike salmon (fishing)

Well here we are on national bike to work day or as I like to call it Friday, and the streets are free of pollution both noise and air and everyone seems a little friendlier. Well, none of that is true but it is nice to dream, and dreaming I have been. The potent virus I contracted this week has caused me dreams unlike any before experienced and come with the fun reality of actually sweating like I’m in the desert when dreaming of one.

While the cycling world is reeling from yet another doping controversy this week I take pride in admitting that I regularly “juice up” on a couple 22’s of something cold when cycling to my favorite fishing spot. Here you can see I’ve gone with the Velcro strap attachment to the rear rack for my pole while my “liquid courage” aka “fishermans fuel” aka “party punch” stays cool in the bicyclist equivalent of a fanny pack, the saddle bag. While photos like these remind me of better times (last weekend before I contracted frumunduh-virus) they hopefully will do more to inspire you-inz (that’s Pennsylvania for y’all) to bring that dusty schwinn out for some cruises to hot spots around town and by hot spots I mean nice vistas not CDC quarantined locations like my house….anywho as usual unless someone serves it up express supersize style with free crap on the side I don’t see too many people in our society changing their commuting behaviors anytime soon regardless of whether we have a day for it or not. We have earth day and I still can’t get my wife to seperate paper and plastic in the recylcles but at least she is recycling now but who knows why that is other than I’m annoying about it. Cyclists too are annoying (myself included) and as recent articles on unnamed websites show there is still a bike vs. Car attitude being espoused. While that may be ok for hardcore cyclists that isn’t going to do anything to get semi-
suburbanite moms out there on their treks. Right now it’s all advocates pushing for these measures but until we get some policy folks actually reacting to some sort of public demand these things won’t happen. Until then my ride stays peaceful and solitary even on bike to work day.


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