While it can be true that one of the greatest benefits of cycling is exposure to things you would otherwise miss in an auto sometimes this can present itself as a challenge as well. Being that most cyclo-
commuters have already chosen to forgo the easy route of simply stomping down on an accelerator pedal (although I would propose it’s much easier to forgo costly auto insurance, repairs, parking tickets and the like and cycle) we need to be prepared for when unique challenges present themselves. In the 6-8 months I have been riding this route to work I have never encountered a train parked on the tracks like this. DO NOT try to climb under over or through a train to get past it if it is parked on the tracks. I had to walk about 1/4 mile up the tracks to get around this thing which was fine but an interesting challenge indeed.

Another challenge more akin to the ones we face regularly is what to do at stop signs and red lights. Unfortunately this morning it was written in the TD that a cyclist has been seriously hurt while travelling through an intersection last night and subseqently was hit by an SUV. Thoughts go out to this individual for their speedy recovery. The problem of making streets safe for multiple types of users will continue indefinately but for now we can only practice safe behaviours and hope that the drivers see us. I keep lights on, reflective tape on my frame, and a bell to announce to pedestrians I am coming. Still, accidents happen at any time. I am just glad I am not one of the millions of people putting their lives at risk in a car everyday. 40000 plus deaths a year and we still treat these deadly machines as sacred cows. One has to wonder how many lives must it take before we recognize how big of a problem this really is.


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