Vittoria randonneur cross follow up

If you’ve seen my posts recently than you should know I set up my mtb which is my primary commuter, with some gnarly tires to tackle single track here in Richmond. I went out for a ride and on a sloppy wet day the rubber I had purchased did pretty well but for pavement was so slow and cumbersome that I finally had to give up on them. So I went back to my old standard that I have been using for about 9 months now and that I used for my three day tour to Loudoun county where my family lives. The vittoria randonneur cross tires are all that and a ham sandwich for sure. At 1.75 wide they are a little wider than I probably need and would prefer a 1.6 if vittoria was gonna make my dream tire but rolling resistance is still similar to other “street” 26″ tires. Vittoria claims to have a protective layer to prevent flats and I can concur that it works. I don’t even dodge debris anymore and these things keep on rolling without issue. I have had to roll over rebar, glass, metal siding scraps, nails, sharp rocks that protrude from the trail, railroad spikes, I beams embedded in my commute trail, and more and have suffered ZERO flats. They simply resist puncture. Tread is a great combination of tacky rubber that grips and streamlining that rolls and I even rode the singletrack with these no problem outside of some sloppy parts of the trail and wet rocks. When I swapped these back on last weekend I looked to see how much tread has worn down and rotated the front and back. Even with my occasional skidding and probably over 2000 miles of use on varied surfaces like gravel trails, asphalt, and bare rock the tread on my back tire looked to be around 50% and the front 75%. I suspect it won’t be until this time next year that I will need to purchase another pair of tires for this bike and for sure it will be another pair of the randonneur cross 26″ tires.


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