What do I have to do to get a crappy biek?

Seems like these days crappy bikes, like crappy beer, have become all the rage. While there once was a time when you would be laughed off your block (at least I would have in Baltimore) for bringing your moms Nishiki out of the garage now bikes like these are all the rage. I think back and honestly our judgement of what was a crappy bike and what was cool was pretty skewed to only mean a bmx bike with some sort of matching colourways mag wheels and well, not your moms ten speed or anything else for that matter. There was a functional purpose to this of course and that was to rage dirt trails at the middle school for rides a mile or two around the hood.

Now with the anything goes attitude a serious drought is starting to occur on the second-hand bicycle market. I went at lunch today looking for a mixte frame or a crummy hybrid to make into something comfy for my wife (aka a new commuter for me since my MTB has been curated back to “bulletproof” status) and there isn’t a stitch of nothing that isn’t either ready for a quick sale or ready for a matching wheel set to be curated onto. Truly a shame I say as now we are no longer going to be a third world nation in bicycle quality. I had never noticed this as I never really sought out a POS bike but now that I commute everyday it would be nice to have one and not destroy the semi-nice touring frame I am using. Oh well, but it does speak to the state of cycling in this town, it’s growing and my prediction is that sooner or later there is going to be another bike boom because there just won’t be enough crappy 10 speed frames out there to affordably turn into legitimate fixed gear bicycles (or whatever). While this is good for cycling what sucks is that nothing quality comes cheap although old lugged steel Japanese made frames were pretty close until recently. I guess I’m just gonna have to break down and find me an old huffy for the little lady and spray paint it matte black myself.


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