Insult without injury, but painful none the less,

At a house I lived in with some rommies on Floyd I had the misfortune of having my first bicycle I bought when coming to college stolen. I stepped in the house for about 10min (I know that because that’s about how long I can go between smoke breaks) bike on the porch which the windows from the living room where we were drinking beer look directly onto. I went out to smoke a cig and sure enough within those 10 min that bike was gone. I’m telling you this because Mike from ANT bicycles was in town for the NAHBS and had his personal folding bike stolen. Most people know that by now, but now some jackass has gone on craigslist and made a fake post saying they have it for sale. I have spent years since my bike was stolen looking intently at similar rides as I saw them on the street and not once have I come close to seeing the bike I used to own. It wasn’t that great but if I saw it I would know due to a few distinctive features. I don’t think Mike is ever going to see his bike again although it may take the form of some steel tubing he purchases for another build as I am sure his bike has been sold for scrap already.

There was another time when I lived near U of R stadium and my neighbor across the street had a moped he locked to his railing on his porch. 4pm on a Sunday I was home from work for awhile and was sitting in my living room when a full size chevy pickup stopped in front of the house. Two dudes got out and a girl stayed in the car as the driver. They knocked on the door first and then I couldn’t believe what happened next. No one answered and the guys proceeded to start to break the wooden railing on the porch to removed the moped. At this point I was jacked on adrenaline and went out their with a golf club. I confronted both of them and they proceeded to tell me that it was their moped, which could have been true so I refrained from crushing someones skull in right then and there. I told them that’s no problem and repeated their licence plate number to them while they loaded the moped in the truck which already had several bikes, lawnmowers, and other stuff and that they should wait for the cops to straighten it out. They took off and I followed while on the phone with the cops. I don’t know if they ever got them but the police did tell me where the vehicle was registered (outside of Williamsburg) and I assumed they followed up. Point is even if you see a robbery occuring you can’t always stop it and the criminals expect this. I could have smashed the guys faces in right there but what if they had a legitimate beef with my neighbor. Not my business I thought and called the cops.

If your douchy enough to play on someones feelings who got ripped off in our town, rather than be a positive ambassador, perhaps you and golf clubs have a date. As far as this guy Mikes bike goes, it’s gone, probably for scrap somewhere outside the city. Sorry about your bike Mike but my best advice is forget about it, get back to doing what you love and don’t let this crap taint your life anymore than you have too and in the meantime you have a whole city of cyclists with golf clubs (or polo mallets) at the ready for street justice fist city style. Check out Ant bicycles if your in the market for a new bike and try to support him this way if you can.


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