RVA bike commuter NAHBS show winner….Banjo Cycles Randonneur

I’ll be the first to admit, I spent two days enjoying the show and there were things I felt like I still never saw. A brief review of the literature (other blog posts) pointed me to all kinds if things I missed (including the day two shimano bike of the day winner, which I made it a point to see today) and what other people were noticing. My bike of the show award though has got to go to a bicycle I never missed and that struck me at first glance and kept me coming back to see more. Banjo cycles put together this amazing randonneur that has couplings, break down racks that pack flat, and a sweet carved leather Brooks saddle. I felt the artistry of the bike reflected a lot of different skills and talents from a diverse group of folks with backgrounds in many mediums. For me the asthetic was superior to many of the bikes in the show which is really what is on display here. Let’s face it not many of us will ever ride a bike as refined as half of the ones on display. Banjo cycles, come back to Richmond and bring more bikes!


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