Testament to a LUG

Since I arrived at work early today I am taking a leisurly ride home. Although slow paced this ride is by no means easy on my cycle. Strewn around are the various ruts, crags, and rocks that limit most people to a 26″ mountain style bicycle on these trails. I generally do the same but I like the freedom to move how I please when I please and as it rained last night and I decided to hit the pavement this morning to avoid getting my work clothing too dirty while this afternoon I decided to go ahead and revert to my usual trail. The picture below effectively illustrates the condition of the trail and not more than a month or two ago the entire site was underwater from the floods. This got me thinking “what would I do if I broke my frame” which is a timely question as the handmade bike show will be arriving this weekend. I have heard all the debates and know enough to appreciate the subtlties of the build but while many a TIG welded steel frame are available for good prices (about $400) I sit here looking at a 1982 lotus eclair lugged steel touring frame that I know the previous owner put some miles on, including a ride to NYC and back from Richmond, and can’t help but think if I did break the frame I would have to choose very wisely as if I were to purchase another lugged bicycle it would most likely be the last bicycle frame I purchased in my lifetime. An testament to lugged steel indeed.


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