Finally, a trip to work

I mean seriously this has been ridiculous by central VA standards. This was the scene outside of my house only a week or two ago but of coarse now it is just a slushy, melted, mess but passable which is the part that matters most when trapped inside for weeks on end without a way to get around. Yesterday I finally managed to get a commute in, albeit the muddiest, sloppiest mess I have been involved in since that party in Jackson Ward where I couldn’t resist mud facing my buddy with some mud from the wrestling pit they brought in for the party. That said I can’t complain. The sun was out (sorta) and dodging ice covered in sand on the roads, aka ninja ice, was not enough to lessen my mood. For those of you who ride to work check out some info on the bicycle commuter tax credit, I just did. Apparently, if it gets ok’ed, I’ll get $240 a year to spend on “maintenance” for my cycle. Just desserts indeed. A week from Friday is the north American handmade bicycle show here in richmond and I also am in consideration for a promotion to a better (higher paying) job. All in all, other than the standard personal bullshit that seems to manifest frequently ( and honestly in this case it probably is me, what can I say I no likey the people) things are warming up both literally and figuratively.
Recently I discovered a new blog (google cycling central VA) and although seemingly MTB oriented I reccomend it simply because it’s local. Check them out. Well for now I’m just at the bar killing time drinking beer to avoid my domestic life. I’ll cut out now and say more posts coming soon now that the weather is improving. Hasta luego nuestros amigos! Nos vemos y manta bien!


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