Blazing heat

Lee-Jackson day is an oddity of Virginia. I have today off as an offcial govt holiday so I’m using the time to enjoy the searing heat were experiencing relative to where the temps have been. I figured I’d get in what amounts to my training/local hangout ride. I haven’t been down here in a month or two and in the summer you could easily find me here 1 out of 2 days a week so the absence has been noticable. Basically trying to get some reading done for school and enjoy this remarkable weather. So on the way in that there is a considerably high water mark on the trail and the beach was sandy on the way in. Also what perviously had been a log jam is now carved out and makes for a little stream like passage. This definately improves the scenery at this spot but one has to wonder where all the stuff goes. I managed to find a dozen or so golf balls (a soccer ball too so no one gets the impression I am bias against the sports that aren’t my favs), probably enough bottles to fill up ten trash bags, and all kinds of other junk. The water levels really did a number on the shore but I am sure it is good for the river to flush out and it makes everything look a lot different too. So as you can see I rode down here and cooked lunch on a small campfire n had a guiness. A solid way to spend the day!


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