Living a life of privledge

This dawn, while headed to work, it dawned on me the vast privledge I am afforded by riding to work or having the opporunity to at least. Some may notice that I didn’t post yesterday and this was due to the fact I was filling in for one of my co-workers doing the type of work I used to do. Sadly this required hours of driving in the car, which even though I will be paid for, is certainly not my idea of a good time. Sitting in traffic stoplight to stoplight in the outer suburbs really confirmed how glad I am I don’t have to do that very often and even more this morning while enjoying a brisk ride to work. I captured some photos for the blog to show how much the water levels have receded, dodged some icy spots where a water main had severed and stayed on my regular course even as the road had been closed to auto traffic, and while enjoying my coffee at the spot where this photo was taken I even had a runner pass by and say “amazing spot to have a cup of coffee” which is true it is. So when I say I am leading a life of privledge these are the reasons why and they don’t take the form of material goods or recognitions or awards but rather are right here in front of us for the taking if we so choose to capitalize on their availability. Last night I was even grumpy (me, never. Most wouldn’t beleive it!) and I think it was from the absence of the freedom and independence my bicycle affords. The auto mobile thing makes me feel harnessed in, trapped, and claustrophobic from the lack of freedom that truly exsists during that activity. Stop here, this lane to turn, tethered to the demands of the insurance company and the cold reality of payment for mobility. With the bike, I pay for burritos and sweet gear that I want anyway. Yes I am privledged for many reasons but recognition of this one is both appropriate for this blog and necessary to recognize for future decision making in where I choose to live and work and right now I have the best commute between the two of anyone out there and I am sure of that.


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