Cardiff saddle review

Cardiff saddle number two. Now that I have been the proud owner of two of these babies and have had enough time to break one in and almost break another in I feel like I should do a review. First the backline behind this being my second Cardiff saddle is that the first one broke at the weld in the rail where it meets the back of the frame for the leather. Not a good start to a positive review. I did get a replacement sent my way and I have noticed that the quality of the leather on saddle two seems higher so there may be sime issues with leather consistency. Saddle one had a marbleing to it kind of like a steak (well it is a steak after all) that didn’t appear as high quality as the Brooks saddles for instance but saddle two (which is the one in the photo) seems to be homogenious in appearance. That never ended up being an issue since the railing snapped at the weld in short order. Also these saddles are the same as the ones distributed by Velo Orange so if you are looking to decide between the two they are exactly the same. In the looks category I would give this saddle high marks although the rivets aren’t really copper they are just plated. Considering the other issues I encountered even if this rubbed off I wouldn’t be too dismayed as complete failure of the saddle has been quite a bit more of a hassle. The saddle (1 and 2) broke in nicely with application of some proofride and following break in is a very comfy perch. No one is going out and buying these for weight savings and they are heavy relative to the other saddle I really like ( an older Selle Italia) but I would put comfort on this above that saddle especially for my purposes of daily commuting use. I am dissapointed in the breakage though and although there is a five year warranty that does you no good if your on a tour or not anywhere near a bike shop. I will say this that the failure wasn’t critical and I rode around on the broken saddle for a week or two before i figured out what happened and the sindle welded rail held up so no worries about being impaled. Price paid was $99 which is about 2/3 the cost of a Brooks with similar appoinents (brown leather, copper) but I can’t endorse not buying a Brooks instead of trying to save a couple bucks on this when I had the experience I did and Brooks has such a long standing reputation. All in all I don’t regret buying the saddle but if I had it to do all over again I would just get a Brooks.


2 thoughts on “Cardiff saddle review

  1. Update: I have forgone these forever. I broke the second one and my LBS replaced it with a Brooks. Don’t waste your money on these.

  2. I rode a Brooks for a long time (original 1967 Peugeot) recently bought a Cardiff w/ springs … can’t remember the model # .. but I cannot be more pleased..breaking in nicely & very comfortable .. I commute by bike every day. ( Ps love dragons too 🙂

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