The bum camp. Honestly I can’t believe anyone would camp on a cold rock in these temps. I don’t think most people can believe I ride my bike in it. Temps this am were critical cold but by the time I stopped at my trusty rock I had warmed up but I need some face protection stat. Windy facials are just too chilly to bear and I’ll go ahead and divulge that the snot rockets come fast and furious on daze like these. I had to peel a frozen booger of my face at work and i wondered why eveyone was giving me funny looks. I know that minnesotans are avid cyclists and I am sure they brave temps worse than the ones we have seen here in VA recently but really it is very cold. I found this fire had been safely extinguished by ice chunks being laid on top of it but it is so cold outside that the ice didn’t even melt after being placed on the fire. Some of the eddy holes where there is standing water are completely frozen solid so let’s hope there aren’t any trapped fish in there like a previous post as they would be frozen fish sticks by now.
Goal for this week, head to bass pro shop with my Xmas gift card and get a balaclava.


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