Winter riding or not

So I have managed to persist through the worst cough I have ever had in my life but couldn’t muster the strength to ride all week. I have just been too ill to ride. Apparently as you all know the forcast predicts a foot of snow which has been the only thing anyone talks about which is fine becuase it is at least more stimulating than the usual football, politricks, religion banter that happens in the office. So just as I have avoided the bike due to a cough I too have avoided eating outside as I normally do. On top of that I had to get the ultra spicy Indian food to warm me up to nuclear levels. Certainly if you have a sinus infection and you would like to clear your airways this is the way to go and would probably work in a similar manner if you were constipated too.

In the news today is the gov.’s proposal to cut state workers and make them pay into their retirement. I won’t go into details but I submit this photo and pose the question, well two questions. One is this a government building or a private company and two who is the real wasteful spender? Not that I don’t enjoy artwork but at the risk of giving away the answers what do you think the public would say about artwork like this and an atrium this size for a state office building. So let’s cut services and taxes for the sake of the common good, or at least for the sake of a good place for me to stay warm at lunch.


3 thoughts on “Winter riding or not

    1. It is! Excellent observation. We didn’t have hot water all week in my building. And since you pointed it out I should review suntrust in a post as well. Not only have they never failed me in banking (quite a rarity these days) but a warm India cart meal (potential second post idea) in their lobby where hot water is available regularly can be a real lunch spot treat. People like their cafeteria as well if you’ve never been there. Thanks for posting!

  1. I worked in that building for 15 years, but not for SunTrust. Our firm moved out in 2008.

    The sort-of-snack-bar that is right where you were sitting in that photo used to be a 20-foot waterfall/fountain. It was a bummer to see it go, but the addition of the coffee counter cut down on the lines in the cafeteria.

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