Winter Riding….Summer Photo contest

Well here is the link to the picture i submitted to the photo contest on another blog but I didn’t win. I want everyone to know I was trying to Rep VA as best I could (unfortunately, the Iphone camera is the best I rep. I’m kinda getting old and stodgey….meh)  with a sweet picture from my archives depicting the oldest operating legislature in the Western Hemisphere. Where is your longhouse now chief redcloud! Good thing we civilized ya’ll…ok enough bigotry since were buddies and all and I said my thanks that one day a couple weeks ago anyway. I think thats fair.

Anyhow this winter riding thing is awesome! Never have I been both so refreshed and received so much undue sympathy from one single act but riding to work in the winter will get you all kinds of charity.  Free coffee in the AM (folders granted but free) access to parking spots in the downtown area (on select rainy days) and the most pitiful droopy eyed “you poor thing”s out there. Really folks, it’s not that cold even for Virginia’s standards.  Even at lunch today I sat outside, bundled up, but outside in the sun and listened as the comments rolled along about how “chilly” it is and all. Really it’s not that cold.  I thought riding in the summer was fun but this is great. This morning I watched two ducks try to swim upstream at the river all tirelessly and the like and they had no chance….it was totally flooded. Two runner dudes passed me both with those frightened “where my mace” looks on their faces and the usual smoking crowd was out on the parking deck when I pedaled in gossiping about who is screwing up what where. I could care less about that but damn the ride was nice.  Also I ordered two of these velcro strap things where you can attach a regular flashlight to your bike as a light which is radical of course so should be employed by everyone, and by everyone I mean no one as I would have to find some other obscure part to use if everyone had one so actually I won’t post the link so just imagine one.  Anyhow it is getting dark mega early, like seconds after I set out the door from work at 5pm so some additional lighting is in order. I was also, thinking about the handmade bicycle show being in late February here this year and how that is the shittyist time of year to have the show here. I have enjoyed the cold but not like enjoyed it like DC UNIted winning championships  or the Ravens crushing the Steelers (last week) but more like bad pizza or routine sex, not great but still good and way better than starving both figuratively and literally. But February is right before that majic week in March where it gets to be 80 degrees and we all come out stark white (even you redcloud…just for that week though) in flip flops and shorts until next week when we all die from the H1N1 swine flu we caught from being out at the bar late when the temp dropped to 40 that night and changed to snow in the wee hours.  So I don’t get to pick the date of the show but I am looking forward to the event. I have checked out their site and some of the builders and it is an impressive lineup, but I keep finding these $100 and less treasures on CL so I am completely confused….amass 50 cheap bikes that all would be great for the stable and provide an awesome ride or save for the mega bling that only comes in bicycle form of the handmade nature? I already know the answer as the cash I will save from refraining to purchase at the show will be well spent on a storage shed to house my collection of rust but attendance will be a great opportunity to see what life is like in the “industry” where all the insiders reside and what special products they have come up with to date.  Hopefully, their “insider” status  signifies some relationship to their willingness to ride in cold weather and I will still be mixing it up solo with two ducks, some maced up skinny white dudes, and my warm high dollar Yuban select organic coffee on the south banks of the James on my way to work. You’ll know it’s me but only if you see me on more than one day…you would have to verify that the same dude rode two different shitty bicycles each day and be on the lookout for velcro strapped flashlights.


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