Cantilever….exerting force to stop the nonsense

Here was a foto I took of a sweet looking set of brakes on a touring bike I saw near my old work one day. I felt I could use the foto as a metaphor for some of the behavior we see around town sometimes. Last week, in celebration of the holidays, the city held their “grand illumination” which is certainly no metaphor as we all know how this place is being run around here. This brings me to the topic for today’s post, which has been a long time coming due to other priorities in my life, which is the paradox of our transportation woes and how they ever so gently weave into our daily lives like a metaphorical grtc bus gently weaves around pedestrians…..not too well. While the city was getting prepared to host the torching, er, illumination of downtown, one thing that clearly must have presented an issue was parking. Surely, there is no way our noble leaders would allow the masses to walk block upon block (or take alternative transportation) to arrive at the event and being that it started around six they would have to get these irritating state employees, businesses, and lunch pedicab carts out of the streets with ample time to spare. What I find interesting is that first the city was able to coordinate with the state at all and get agencies to give their employees time off so thier vehicles wouldn’t be blocking the festivities but even more so that the state would be willing to pay for time for these employees at the cost to the taxpayer, to benefit city residents and metro region festival goers in thier quests for holiday visibility ( they are being illuminated right?). I probably shouldn’t be pissing upstream from where I gather water but I just find the whole thing to be curious. With a little more thought invested into our transportation infastructure perhaps we could save money being spent to pay state employees a half hour of thier time to move thier cars. As a city resident and a state employee I got to benefit twice but everybody else, in the words of bikes snob NYC, ” can suck my balls”,  haters.


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