Roundabouts, a monument to excess!

I couldn’t find a good picture of a squircle (which means now I am going to have to take a picture of the one I know of!) but they are going to discuss the roundabout across from Roanoke and Forest Hill at the park and the feasibility of such a traffic mechanism tonight at the Forest HIll neighborhood association meeting. Looks like it will be at 7pm which is a shame because I really want to go but with my elaborate network of connections to important people I am occupied with attendance at a small group tour of the Governors Mansion at the same time tonight. It simply would not be right to snub the Gov. although really the meeting would be so much more beneficial for me honestly because the higher up the food chain you go the less direct impact on my life  these people have. So here are my thoughts since I won’t be in attendance and I know this will probably be read aloud in the meeting (yeah right) before other business can proceed.  First, we need this circle (preferably a squircle, don’t ask why they are just better and you get to say “squircle”) primarily as a snub to all of the city north of the river aka northsiders and their refusal by vote to install one at Laburnum Ave.  While they spend their time bemoaning anything to do with  south of the river we unite as one in a squarish circle of unity to rally the communities that never really were intended to be a part of Richmond anyway to unite in brotherhood of localities formally part of Chesterfield county (Manchester, Forest Hill, etc…my manhole covers still say Chesterfield county Biaches!) phototo obtain that which has been denied by those on the north of  the James! Although hard to read due to the prevalence of rain today the manhole cover makes it obvious enough to me we are a separate and distinct part of the city. As such, a monument to excess in the form of a square circle should fit the bill as unique enough to draw attention and the heaps of cash that travellers such as the northside fat cats might frequent in their travels and would serve to break down the barriers of superimposed distinctions that never really existed any way that have taken the form of such figurative barriers as “the river” and geological formations. Second we have no monuments and we deserve one to ourselves for being way more awesome than north of the James and their Victorian tree-lined Avenues of Monuments (unless you count the Forest as a monument to driving your girlfriends Camaro through a wall, which consequently would have met my requirements had it been left in its place). So head out to the meeting and make sure to speak on behalf as a supporter of nothing less than a square and circle aka a squircle at the intersection of Roanoke and Forest HIll.


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