Today I start a new section on the blog, People. You need to know a little about who is out there on their bikes commuting to work/school so here you go.

RVABC -Name?


RVBAC– What kind of bike are you riding?

A Surly Long Haul Trucker

RVABC-How long have you been riding your bike?

It’s actually like a year and a few months now.

RVABC– Do you do touring or just commuting?

Touring (and obviously he commutes to). I did like a 650 mile tour this summer.

RVABC – How far is your commute everyday?

To school I do like 10 miles and to work and back it’s like 14 miles.

RVABC– What would you say are the principal roadblocks to most people riding their bikes to commute to work or school everyday?

Weather for sure. I don’t mind because I have a lot of cold weather gear but for a lot of people that’s the biggest issue for sure.

RVABC– Thank you sir!

As you can see there are plenty of folk out there making the trek on their bikes to school, work, or whatever. Thanks to Tristan for volunteering to let some stranger interview him for this piece. For those of you who aren’t familiar the Long Haul Trucker is a formidable beast that is really capable for a lot of different purposes. Tristan had his ride set up with full racks all around and could easily get his stuff from one place to the next.


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