Popularity Contest

Thanks everyone! Yesterday I had more hits on the site than I have ever had in one day before! I am not sure where these numbers come from but I appreciate everyone reading the website and taking the time to see what commuting by bike in Richmond Virginia is about.

So it’s not really a popularity contest but there is something to be said about seeing people riding every day and the impact has on each others conciousness. There is a woman I work with who spoke with me yesterday about the blog. She pointed out that she wasn’t aware that commuting to work by bicycle was such a popular activity. I showed her some Bakfiets bicycles on the web and spoke some to the popularity of cycle commuting in Europe but everybody seems to use Europe as a gauge to measure things against. I was taking the little guy to get a flu shot this morning and got to thinking about workcycles and the popularity for cycling in Asia (since there are so many people there and the bicycle is a cheap means of transportation). Simply by looking at the numbers of people in Asia one has to assume that there are millions of people every day who commute or work on their bicycle. So while it is nice for us to romanticize about european approaches to the bike I am including some images of cycling in Asia as a reminder of where the majority of the cycle commuting occurs each day. Enjoy!


india biclcye


asia cycling


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