Out for a Ride

photo10Well the rain has finally abated although it is still cold. Thanks to modern meds I have a double plus super buzz from sinus meds. Honestly, I hate the way this stuff makes me feel and the volume of drainage from my head is staggering but I would rather it be coming out than clogged up in my head.

So this picture is of Virginia Bike route 1. It’s Virginias’ designation of the Atlantic Coast route from Adventure Cycling. This is probably the closest it passes by my house, no more than a couple blocks, and it is also the best north to south route through Virginia if you live off 95 anywhere. I am sure there are better roads along the way than the marked route but if you are unfamiliar stick with this one. Also, I think this is the first clear picture of the HTFC project I have been working on. If I can just get the stuck seatpost out and find a new one this bike will be perfect, minus some racks to hold stuff like my homeade camp stove and cookware. Down by the river in the cold is so nice as there is little chance of running across any foot traffic, dogs, bums, etc although we did see a beaver muching on a log one time. He was five feet away and could have cared less we were there.  I’m going to get the stove out after I figure out what to eat and head down to the rocks on a nice little cool ride. I’ll get some pics up as I go along. Anyhow, time is a wastin gotta get out on a ride.