See and be seen

photo8I used to ride a motorcycle to class everyday and one of the reasons I think the Harley riders have no baffles in their pipes is because motorists simply aren’t on the lookout for two wheels. If they hear you from 5 miles away than at least they know your coming but those of us who prefer a quieter mode of transport utilizing two wheels this does not apply. So our alternative is to make sure we have the brightest lights possible (daytime it doesn’t hurt either) so that when you are cruising around something grabs the attention of the motorists around you. I saw this light on a bike parked at school recently and it has more led’s than any other I have come across. I didn’t get to see it on and led’s are known for being weak in some aspects of the light they put out but increasing them by a factor of 50 like this one has got to help somehow. I know that it doesn’t look that cool to have a mega light on you sleek singlespeed but the underside of an auto isn’t that great looking either even if it is for routine maintainance.

The other day when I saw my friend Stu riding home I also met a guy who was kinda commuting but mainly out for a joyride, although it was in his work clothing. He had a huge red rear light but was sporting a hipster cyst for the front light. I have one or two of these as well but we got to talking about it and he admitted its better than nothing but doesn’t really do much. I have seen things around the internet like this and this (check out the rack mounted lamps) that I find very intriguing.

A Nice idea especially for camping and their ability to be removed are the camping headlamps with elastic headbands that are offered now. I used a cheap one of these as a bike headlight for a long time as well by simply wrapping the headband around my bars as many times as possible to get a strong attachment and never had any problems, and most of these headlamps are waterproof/resistant too so would make a very good option for your steed. Additionally, the one I currently use has a red and white light mode although no flash. In a pinch you could use it for either a front or back light. One last thing, the code of Virginia mandates a front light but not a back one if the speed limit on the road your riding on is less than 35mph. I feel more threatened from behind normally so I would encourage you to use one but check your localities laws to determine exactly what you need to be compliant. Stay Safe as it is getting darker earlier!