Rainy day fender project

photo9Well thanks to the rain I am sick now and stuck in the house. I have had really good luck otherwise though this week. I found this fender just sitting along the railroad tracks I cross twice a day all bent up and broken with busted stays and stashed it in the bushes to pick up when I rode home. Went to Re-Cycles again and got a new stay that worked and some hardware to put it on. Surprisingly, there was very little involved in making this work and right now I need it. It’s been raining for two days and got real cold. My head feels like its exploding.  I think this fender came off some old cruiser bike as it is real steel and chrome and has nice bends moulded into it. It would be way too expensive to make something that nice now that wouldn’t be considered a throw away item and discarded on the side of the tracks. Someone must not have cared very much for their steed! Either way I have it now and with a little elbow grease and a test ride I am glad to say my back is dry.

photo(11) Here is a shot of a work in progress. I attached the new stay and then lined everything up with the bolts hand tight. Next I used a sharpie to determine the location of a hole I needed to drill. Amazingly, this frame (Mongoose Iboc Comp) has a threaded hole for a fender in the uni-stay. I simply drilled the appropriate location and threaded the bolt into the hole from underneath with the wheel removed.photo(12)

Next it was time to find some hardware to accomodate the bottom part of the fender and to tighten up the hardware at the stays.  I will say the lines are not perfect and I need to insert a spacer at the bottom as there is too big a gap between the tire and the fender near the bottom bracket.  During the test ride I did some bunnie hops and there was no tire rub which is amazing cause I have a broken spoke in the rear and the wheel wobbles. Guess I shouldn’t do the bunnie hops. Prior to all of this I managed to get a mini-fender installed on my HTF which will probably do nothing but looks cool……rainy days can be good for getting projects done.