photo7So one great thing about bike commuting is if you see your friends, buddies, enemies while you are on the move there is no need o find a parking space, get out of the car, make an illegal u-turn, etc. Yesterday I was on my way home since I wasn’t going to go to class as I wasn’t feeling great (and the USA-Costa Rica soccer game would be on) and since I was normally scheduled to be in class the wife was already planning to pick little man up from day care.It was a great opportunity to take the scenic route home from work and I passed my friend along the way. Come to find out he invested in some wheelbrows for his bike and for good reason. In three plus years of working at his job I don’t think he has ever driven. So when weather strikes you need to be prepared which now he is. I must say I chickened out this morning on the ride due to the rain but if I had some of these I might reconsider……


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