ONe month Birthday!/ Bike Cocktail party

So the blog is now one month old and just in time too as my birthday will be next Saturday! Hopefully the bike fairy will be bringing me things like this, this, and deez. At least, those are the links I sent to mentioned fairy so lets hope things work out. Although not posted yet a review of another birthday gift I got (shoes) will be posted here sometime soon. Finally, I was looking at another bike blog and they had the amazing idea of doing a bicycle cocktail party! I have so much camping gear and it would be awesome to have drinks in a scenic location with friends so I will be planning a bike cocktail party soon possibly with fire as it is getting colder now. Hopefully all of this will be on the river and I think I know a good spot too…..anyhow sounds fancy so those that need to be in the know should know soon but until then any thoughts on bike cocktail parties or picnics? Send your best pics.

Update….Bike Cocktail party will be happening this Friday October 16th. It will be BYOB and will be held at a still to be announced location probably outside near the river. Someone will need to bring a shaker and I can bring some other supplies. Here is a list of what I am bringing and we can coordinate:

Update: Ride your bike to Caseys house…..I have a sinus infection and I ain’t sitting outside in the cold and wet….c u there!


375ml dark rum

ginger ale 1 bottle

snack of some type, probably cheese and crackers

olive oil, mozzarella, tomato basil for bruchetta



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