Laff Factory

Here are some funnies…well funny to me anyway!


Unobtainium may be fancy light but it’s no match for a stiff breeze!


Fixed gears…I am pluralizing that for this riders irritation, kind like the irritating mix of components on this bike. So where do I begin. First off I didn’t feel like sending the picture in but there is a sticker on the top tube advertising the lack of brakes on this bike. (it says “No Brakes”)…fair enough it’s a fixed gear, but what really gets me is the use of the spinergy wheel up front for additional crabon speed + no brakes for continued lightweightness, but oh wait….thats right folks…I guess comfort features like BRAKES were omitted in an attempt to save weight since a vintage Schwinn steel coil seat was necessary for posterior comfort. I would argue brakes are necessary for comfort as well as a whole host of other features commonly found on bicycles but I guess brakes on this Pista would have wrecked your street cred on the HipstaDEX. Maybe they will come out with a floss saddle for uberlight weight so this poor fool doesn’t have to be looked down on by friends. Not to hate on fixed gear riders but when there is so much effort put into the way you look you would think details like this wouldn’t be overlooked.


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