More Commuter Projects!

So I kinda sorta promised the wife that the stable of Bicycles would dwindle down to a reasonable amount (by reasonable I mean space left to work in my 8×10 shed and still store all the yard tools, sawhorse, tool chest, bikes, spares, lawnmower, etc, etc, etc) and keep one bike in the house for commuting purposes (to quote the most beautiful woman I know “a house is no place for a bike!” although I continually challenge that statement just as I challenge her pet peeve of me leaving time on the microwave because I hate the buzzer and always stop it before it buzzes. Now I have begun intentionally keying in 8008 for her pleasure! Figure it out if you never went to middle school). One of my first projects a couple years back was an old Azuki 10 speed that I was riding around and really like. Called up my dad and found out he had sold his Raleigh Record 10 speed so I gave it to him. Well turns out he is too busy to ride with grandkids and yardwork and Redskins football games (why even go, they suck) even though he lives in a place that is uber scenic for riding that most people pay cash to escape DC to for awhile and cruise around on their $3-7k cabron fibre wannabe bikes. To be honest I see hundreds of riders in Loudoun county of all varieties but I did see one of these at the 7-11 in Lovettsville when I was getting some snack for the drive home to Richmond last time we were up there which led me to believe the above statement.

Anyhow, pops came down to RVA for a meeting or something (who new teachers did work outside of the classroom?) and brought the Azuki and my stepmothers bridgestone MB-4 from the 90’s too so I could fix that up.

photoI wish it were my size just because these are “cult” bikes and I happen to lean more in the direction of the Bridgestone/Rivendell/ Grant Peterson Cult than any other bike cult membership anyway. Well to bring this story to a close because I have so many other productive ways to waste time, I am now staring down 5 bicycles in the house, some of which are for sale (namely the single speed in a previous post). If you need a road bike frame in a 61cm size and you contact me and let me know you saw it here I’ll give you the insider price (which is the same as the outsider price but with other benefits like not being rude and returning your e-mails). Otherwise, like my friend Stu said when I got the Lotus frame for free “great now you’ll only have to spend $1000 to get it working” which seems more and more true the more I think about it. Thankfully that biopace three ring crank on the bridgestone and the associated bits are going on the Lotus (someone said biopace was great for touring as it supposedly mirrors your body’s natural rhythm, surprisingly it doesn’t have coffee brewed when I wake and a cigarette lit so I am unsure as to the validity of that statement) so at least I will be saving a little money there although I have to replace it with something in a single speed for the Stepmother. Keep an eye to the sky as you may see one of these Frankensteins rolling down Semmes sometime soon so please don’t pull out in front of me.


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