Drivers Side Window

photo9I swear I have some photos that are not my bike but seriously this is the view from the drivers side in my world. Why would you not want to ditch your whip? Oh while I am thinking about it I wanted to thank the SDR who commented on the blog and apologize to the rest of you for not posting in a couple days..I haven’t stopped riding just stopped posting cause I am so busy with work and school. Even though those things suck (ok grad school rocks) i still get to travel there like this which is awesome. Richmond isn’t super scenic of a town, there’s no mountain range or idyllic beach (your looking at it) but it does have a special air (sewage) that really evokes emotion.  I encourage you to take a ride for fun and enjoy it. Here is a craigslist find I had to post that begs to be purchased (too small for me) and ridden around. Thanks to everyone looking at the page…it’s definately more friends than I have (14..max hits a day, not friends).  Enjoy!


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