Jack-Ass of the Day

SO..not that I want to encourage bike theft but you are if you lock your bike up like this. Seriously, take a look at what your doing. Not that I would want this bike anyway as it is some SE fixed gear or something (fixed gear i.e.-bad mechanic) but I was looking at this and noticed the wheel was on backwards because the quick release is facing the wrong way (probably got stolen at some point and has been replaced). Then I noticed that the lock goes around the fork and through the wheel….i.e. I undo the quick release, slip the fork out of the lock, head to the other side of the building where there is a bike that was stripped down but the front wheel remains, put 2+2 together and BLAMMO! NEW BIKE…..Seriously, step up your lock game. (OK I will consider a post on locking your bike but I didn’t think it was necessary)



6 thoughts on “Jack-Ass of the Day

    1. Obviously it’s your bike in the photo.

      P.S. Great blog willyjake – found you by way of the bike hacks blog.

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